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Planet Earth and the human impact on Earth

 By: Thomas H Czech
September 17th, 2011

Our planet is a large system created to keep a multitude of life forms living and prospering.

There are more life forms on this planet than we can imagine and more that we still have not yet discovered.
Earth is created to sustain life; everything is in perfect harmony, in immaculate balance. Nothing is left to chance.
Salt-water oceans allow certain life forms where fresh water allows another type. Land allows land creatures and so on.

When humans were placed onto earth they had everything, which they needed, clean water, fresh air and pure soil–everything to sustain life. Lakes, rivers and oceans were filled with marine life, the land was covered with land animals and the air swarmed with flying creatures. Everything which was needed, was at hand, which included fruit trees, berries, vegetables and so on.
Years went by and the human population grew, as years became decades and decades tuned to centuries we learned to make tools. We then tamed animals; we also created larger and more precise machines, which made farming the land a little easier and faster.
The human population grew larger, as this happened we farmed more land and animals. As time continued on we then created more tools and machines. We also created larger wagons to move our goods and supplies by land and we created boats of various sizes to sail along coastlines and eventually to other lands.
Time went by, there was no limit to our creations. However, there is a limit to the planet and its resources. But humans only saw that there was an abundance of everything!

As the human population continued to grow, so did the need for land and resources.
Land was stripped bare and ploughed under, there was no real understanding of the need to replenish the soil of its nutrients or the need to change the fields from one crop to another from year to year to prevent certain insects or disease from taking hold. There was no understanding of replanting trees neither.
We also discovered useable minerals and metals deep within the ground, which we learned we could dig up and extract and turn into useful resources to make our lives easier and better. Within time we built better machines so we could extract what we needed at a greater rate from the earth.
Then we built machines that separated the useful stuff from the not so useful stuff, this however produced toxic by-products, which polluted the ground, water and air, but we didn’t know that it did or how bad it was and we figured we could dump it as the rain would wash it away or the oceans would just swallow it up and make it disappear.

The human population exploded, forests were cut down and wetlands were drained and filled with rock and dirt and villages, towns and cities built on once nutrient rich soil. Animals were forced to move and live in unfamiliar places, places so unfamiliar to them that they starved because they could not or did not know how to hunt there. Those that did survive did not have enough babies to rebuild their population.
People by the thousands flooded these concrete jungles.
Farms became so mechanized that they were able to plough under lush forests, jungles and other green spaces in a short time.
Green forests, swamps and ponds were filled in and crops from other parts of the world were brought in and planted, but these crops would not survive in their new soil and climate unless they were sprayed with insecticide and the soil pumped full of chemicals.

We needed fuel to power our factories and run our machines, so we burned oil and coal by the tonnes pumping toxic smoke into the air which the winds took from one place and scattered the waste to far away parts of the earth, the rain and snow would eventually bring it to the ground, polluting soil, rivers, lakes and oceans.
Quality of our air and water and soil was deteriorating fast, bringing with it illnesses and disease to every living thing.

Now, however we know what we have done, we know that we are killing our planet and ourselves by living in such a manner, and yet we are taking our sweet time making the appropriate changes.
There are people out there who say that wind and solar power is not good, yet I have seen places and been to them and have witnessed first hand how great these forms of hydro producing things are.
Burning fossil fuels or damming rivers is not the way to go; we know this now. Solar and wind are the best we have right now. We can also build affordable electric cars and yet we are told they do not work well, but they do. The technology is out there to get completely away from bad forms of power. We can live clean, we just need to have people and corporations with money to invest in clean energy and those in power to stand up and say, “Enough is enough”, and support clean and renewable energy.

©Thomas H Czech, 2011

The truth about Evolution and Creation

Evolution; A Christians Perspective

It was thousands of years ago when the earth was created. The plants, oceans, lakes and rivers, all put in their proper places on this planet, the stars were scattered across the sky; the sun and moon a perfect distance from the earth.
Then animals were created and populated all of the earth, all those who are marine life filled the lakes, rivers and oceans. The animals of the land and the birds of the air have their places as well, all live harmoniously were they are supposed to live. Then man was created; what a sight it would have been for man to open his eyes for the first time and see such beauty, the different animals and plants, the multitudes of colours, textures and fragrances would have been amazing to witness for the first time. It was a little while later that woman came, she also would have seen the land as it should be, clean, friendly and whole. Vastly different to what we have today.

(A process of change in a certain direction.

Man and woman have been created; they work with their hands, the only tools they have. They live in the wilderness because they have been taken out of the Garden of Eden, because of sin.
They need to learn to garden, farm and hunt-they need to survive! How would they do this? They would need to adapt, to evolve.
Science would have us believe that everything on this planet and everything in space was created by mere chance, and that all living things evolve and have evolved from a single-celled organism, which evolved from inorganic matter and humans took one route which led us to become an ape then  caveman and then to who we are now. However, I see it differently, I do believe humans evolve but it is not in the manner science would have us believe. When we look back at humanity to when we were first created to what we are now, we have indeed evolved.
Some would say that we have actually devolved. This means that we have actually become less civilized, and our advancements have taken us to a more uncivilized more self-destructive place; we are destroying ourselves. We destroy the land by stripping it of its trees and other plant life, we drill holes in the land and oceans and suck out its oils and gasses, we dig holes to rape the land of its other resources as well, then we empty lakes, rivers and oceans of sea life. When we do these things, we drain the earth of resources that have been a part of it since its creation; throwing the natural balance off track. That is not all, when our infrastructures break down these things spill onto the land and poison the soil and water killing even more life and polluting and poisoning the homes where we and other life forms live.
That not being enough, we need more so we illegally and unjustly invade other nations starting wars in which we not only murder innocent humans, we kill animals and plants with weapons which pollute the air, soil and waters. Is this a sign of humankind having evolved to become better and more intelligent life forms? I think not.

Evolution is a process created by God
When I look at my children; I see a process of evolution. When they are first born, they learn to cry, they cry when they feel uncomfortable, they do not know what this discomfort is, but they know they do not like it. For instance, if their diapers are dirty or wet, they do not know the meaning of wet or dirty, they just know that it is not comfortable so they cry to get the attention of someone who will take away this discomfort. The same goes for hunger, as newborns they do not understand what hunger is, they simply know that they need something, so again they cry.  This is a part of nature that is instilled in the very essence of their creation!
Nurture comes into play as they soon realize that whenever they cry, mom or dad come and do something, this something takes away their discomfort, this is learned through repetition, a process where one action receives another positive action or reaction. They have evolved. We are created by God to learn and behave this way.
From the moment we are born we evolve, there are various stages we go through in our process of change. When we are babies, we evolve where we learn to crawl and then walk and soon after we learn to run.
Another stage of evolution for humankind is the learning stage, we begin to learn the moment we are born, this is a combination of nature which is we want to learn to communicate with others, so we learn speech. The same is for movement, we want to learn to walk so that we can get to where we want to be, such as near our favourite toy. In addition, there is a nurture aspect to this, we go to school, we are taught by others the things which the society we live in deems important for us to learn. These are things which do not come to us naturally, but they are taught to us through a long process and by repetition, such as reading and writing. Also we are taught right from wrong, such as that hitting or stealing is wrong. We need to be taught such things in order to be a productive citizen of our community.
Let us take this perspective of evolution to a grander scale. We see that humanity has evolved in the sense that we have learned to created such things as Automobiles, airplanes and medications. How do we come up with these things, is it mere coincidence? No, these things are given to us by God. God is the one who created us and has given us the intelligence to create and to invent.
We evolved to this stage by the careful guidance from God, and so we created things, which are to make our lives better. However, as humans like to have power over others we took the idea of cars and created tanks and other armoured vehicles, we armed airplanes which were to make travel faster with guns and bombs and took the concepts to create medicines and use it to create viruses, chemical and biological warfare etc. Therefore, it seems that every step forward in human growth we seem to take another back.

A Christians view on evolution

Now let’s take a closer look at the theory of evolution and creation.
We are created by God, God created everything seen and unseen. Nothing and no one is here by chance; everything and everyone has a purpose.
Humans are created and have evolved, but neither is done by themselves. The evolution of humans is simple; we are born, we learn and we grow. All one needs to do is follow a baby from birth through adulthood, there is where we can see how a human evolves. This is evolution in its simplest terms. The other form is humanity, as I stated earlier one only needs to go back to Adam and Eve and look through history to see how we have evolved, such as learned to create (and destroy).
A Christian’s perspective on evolution is not to believe Darwin’s theory of evolution, but instead to believe in God’s intelligent design of creation and see that humans do evolve (change) but that this evolution or change is guided and directed by God himself.

Thomas H. Czech
(October 10, 2010)
©Thomas H. Czech, 2010

Highway Robbery in the 21st Century

Highway Robbery in the 21st Century
Thomas H Czech
June 28th, 2011

Eggs, milk, bread, fruit and vegetables. There are skyrocketing prices in all we purchase, not just in groceries but also in clothing, electricity, heating fuel and the list goes on.
I hear the complaints at the supermarket and at the school when I speak with the other parents who are waiting for their children.
The question everyone has is “Why?” Why are the prices going up the way they are? And why are our incomes not matching the increase in the cost of our living expenses? We can not blame the farmers for the cost of our food as they are not charging that much more, not enough to justify the increases we see in our bills when we pay for the products we purchase.
There are two words followed by one common word that are always on the lips of those with whom I speak, and those words are ‘CORPORATE and GOVERNMENT GREED.
Yes you read correctly, those words are always coming from everyone with whom I speak, and those simple words indeed explain it all, they tie it all together.
Corporate greed, the main one being the oil companies which have unjustifiably raised the price of oil to the ridiculously high prices are the main culprit in draining our wallets and bank accounts like the highwaymen of old who would lie in wait for some unsuspecting traveller and then jump out robbing him of all his cash and belongings. Such is the oil company, only now they do it and legally get away with it. They gouge us and rob us, knowing very well that we, the consumer will pay the price.
Farm equipment use fuel, transport trucks which move the products use fuel, our vehicles which take us to the stores use fuel and so do many hydro plants which give our homes and stores electricity for the light, heating and cooling systems and refrigeration system to keep our food fresh and ovens which cook, it all use some form of fuel whether directly or indirectly.
So yes, the corporations that mine and sell the fuel know this and they gouge us knowing very well that we the consumer will, one way or another pay the price.

So let us look at the governments hand in all of this, their word…the governments word is simple, oh don’t get me wrong, it is a big one, it is merely three letters but its meaning is huge and it sends chills up the spines of all consumers and that word simply is—TAX. Yes the dreaded, most hated three-letter word in todays society.
The government will not ever, nor do they have any intention on stepping in and laying down legislation to prevent price gouging by the oil and lets face it the gas companies as well, because they receive a ridiculously high amount of money from taxes, not just from oil companies but also when we buy fuel at the pumps, and also when we pay for other products. Just look at your receipt and see what the taxes are, also look at your hydro and gas bills, look at what all the other charges are including the taxes you pay! Oh my Gosh, a revelation! The government is also gouging us, highway robbery of us by our politicians as well. So not only are we being robbed by the corporation but we are then also robbed by our government, by the people we hired to work for us, to do what’s right for us, by those we thought would have our best interest at heart. Wow! Were we wrong! So since we hired them…can we not fire them? A thought comes to my mind, is this why people in countries like Egypt and perhaps Libya are protesting? Should we be protesting? Should we ban together and fire those who we hired because they are stealing from us? The thing is, if an employee working for an oil company or working in the parliament buildings were caught stealing, would they not get fired? So why then, can we not fire our PM and his people for gouging or let’s be blunt—for stealing from us?
Just something to think about, after all, how long are we supposed to cower from those in power before we say “Enough is Enough!”
Im not saying that we should start a riot or a coup, but maybe it is time for us, for those who pay the wages of those who are gouging us to tell the government that we want legislation passed right now which prevents price gouging and a cap put of fuel prices or we will fire them, not next election but right now.
How can this be done? We force an election, yes we may have a majority government at the moment, but when desperate people ban together the government has to listen. Like I said, we hired them, so we can fire them.

©Thomas H Czech, 2011

From the desert into the frying pan