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The great Canadian YARD SALE

People are certainly a curios creature. The best way to experience these creatures (other than going to Timmies) is by hosting a yard sale, or as in my case, a moving sale.

I love people watching and also speaking with new and interesting people. I even love to haggle in price, whether I am in a foreign country buying something or when I am selling something at a yard sale. I enjoy the back and forth verbal battle.

What I found most interesting is when I was selling something which is ordinarily close to three hundred dollars new in a store, but I was asking $50 dollars or best offer at my moving sale, as this item is still in great shape and certainly worth what I’m asking, but then someone pulled out a ten dollar bill and asks “Will you take 10?”  Well I looked at this man and burst into laughter, I seriously thought he was kidding around, making a joke. I suppose I offended him as he quickly walked away.
Most people are great though; I enjoyed a lot of laughs and had some interesting conversations with some very intelligent people. I even had a chance to speak about something which I love talking about—politics–local and foreign. Especially the U.S. and their ridiculous foreign policies…get me started on them and you will find out real quick where I stand.

But I digress, back to yard sales, an event where you meet many different people.

I even had a couple of thieves at my sales, you may not believe it but I did.

A woman stole a 25-cent item, took it into her Escalade, yes her Escalade and drove off. I was, for the first time in a long time, speechless.

Another time a thief wanted a lamp, the lamp had no lampshade but another one did, “Can I take the shade off that one and put it on this one?” she asked. I explained that I could if I bring the price up. She walked off, then came back and took the lampshade off the other, put it on the lamp she bought and went away. I did not see her until she was getting in her car with it.

Thieves, they are everywhere, even at yard sales. People without morals or ethics, slithering around like serpents waiting to strike.

One last example of these snakes coming to yard sales is this; a couple was looking at something they wanted which my son was in charge of, they did not get the answer they wanted I suppose, I don’t remember and that is not important. But they called my son a nasty word, a word I have never used and will never. A degrading word to say the least.
Anyway, aside from these stupid people, most were very nice. Some that haggled and others who did not. But most were very pleasant, polite and courteous. People I would not mind seeing again. Others whom I wish never to see again.
Some of the nicest moments I had was having conversations with elderly ladies and gentlemen dressed in their Sunday best who talked to me about what it was like growing up in the valley. I am not from here so I enjoy the history lessons.
I heard everything from how logs were skidded out of the bush with teams of horses; log floats on the river and about how some people would come into town on the train. I even heard how adults and children would be outside on the coldest days on the frozen lakes and rivers to skate. I never experienced these things as I grew up in warm climates. Some of these people could tell me their stories in such a vivid manner that I could picture in my mind how it was back then.
Yes, the yard sale is more than a place where we buy things we want or need; or are trying to get rid of things which have been gathering dust in our basement; but more than this, it is a place where people go to socialize. This is certainly something I hope will never change or end; it is a right of passage of being Canadian. Something we do with family and friends, it is fun for people of all ages and one of the earliest ways of recycling!
And children can find treasures just at the next driveway!

Oh by the way, that item which I tried to sell which a man offered me ten dollars for, I did get what I wanted for it, after a little back and forth verbal battle which the buyer and I certainly enjoyed! And we both happily sealed the deal with a firm handshake…Only in Canada, Eh? Now time for a Timmies Double-Double…Cheers!

Take Up Arms; Governments Will Fall

Turbulence, distress, sleepless night,

Can no longer distinguish between wrong from right;

Hearts breaking, eyes weeping minds can not comprehend,

What has this world come to? I can no longer pretend;

Streets are flooded with people fed up,

Eager to fight the system, ready or not;

Governments, politicians stealing from everyone,

Invading nations out of greed one by one;

The world we once knew now long gone,

Can someone tell me where we went wrong?

I want this, I want that,

I have the right, they owe me that;

Look out for number one, I look out for me,

I don’t care about anyone but me;

Greed, corruption, scandals and such,

Take whatever you want, take as much;

Destroy; kill, whatever it takes,

Why not ? You are the bigger bully for goodness sakes;

No one will stop you, am I right?

Aha, but when they’ve had enough they’ll take up arms and they will fight;

The world now in turmoil, homeless, starvation, destruction and wars,

The world is in chaos, people fed up and fighting back more and more;

Peace, jobs, food and homes,

This is what we want, and they feel it deep within their bones;

Corrupt politicians, governments filled with greed,

They will be overthrown; you all better take heed;

Everyone’s fed up, everyone in every land,

And everyone’s ready to fight back, hand in hand.


©Thomas H Czech, 2011

Between now and forever

What is…?

Between Now and forever
Thomas H Czech, February 3rd, 2011

Now and forever and everything in between,
What will happen one never knows, it still remains to be seen;

Now and forever, the secrets which it holds,
what is hidden, still has to unfold;

Now and forever has so many forks in the road,
So many choices and baggage still to unload;

Now and forever, we must move ahead,
hold onto joy and shake off the dread;

Now and forever, we learn as we live,
always remember and remember to forgive;

Now and forever, we will love and we will lose,
awaken your heart and never let it snooze;

Now and forever, life will always go on,
remember, that after every night, there will always be a brand new dawn;
Between now and forever.

©Thomas H Czech, 2011