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Prepare for the fight of your life

The world has changed; it is no longer the world in which I grew up in. Now at the age of 43 in the year of 2011 I wonder what has happened? Where is this utopian society, which I was promised? A society which is peace loving and not war making, a society which does not start wars and tortures or murders innocent men women and children invading their countries because of the North American lust for oil and power.
That society, I suppose, was merely a dream of a few…or just an out right lie.
As I watch the news I realise that it is no longer neutral, and not reporting the truth as it is; but instead it is reporting in such a way that it takes a side, the side which the government wants us as a country to take, and at times they out right twist the truth or even blatantly lie to us.
I pride myself on being a man with an open mind and one who listens to media and people I meet and then I take that information and research it for myself.
Recently I watched several episodes of Jesse Ventura’s ‘Conspiracy Theory’, which were an eye opener. Now I did find some things to be far fetched, but I also believed that there is truth in what he says. I do believe that the government has gone too far, that they spy on everyone and that they are preparing for a global catastrophe and are building bunkers to save the wealthy and the politicians. Of that, there is no doubt; there is far too much evidence to deny it.
Jesse is also good friends of many people who know a lot about this, i.e. military personnel, investigative reporters and politicians. He is also friends with a man named Alex Jones who hosts a radio and TV show on the internet as well as has web sites pertaining to conspiracies and government cover-ups etc. ‘Prison Planet’ and ‘InfoWars’. I have to admit, at first I thought these guys were off their rocker, but as I began to look into things further I realised that they were and are speaking the truth. The governments of the world, along with the richest people on the planet are controlling everything; literally everything, from stock markets, food, oil, pharmaceuticals etc. I believe we have found cures for most if not all illness and also the technology to get off oil and also resolve the world’s energy crisis, but it is not used as it would not be financially beneficial for the billionaires or the world Governments.
Another thing that I found out is that they are looking into population control. Yes, population control, think about it before you shut me out. Why have we gone into Afghanistan and Iraq, we knew they did not have WMD’s, and the evidence that the U.S. Gov. was involved in the 911 attacks on their own country is there—the evidence which has been shown to us on TV and internet proves they were involved, whether you want to believe it or not, the evidence is undeniable, I challenge you to research it for yourself, actually research everything I write in here for yourself, you will be shocked to find that I am right.
Also, why are we attempting to move into Syria, Lybia, Iran and other places, we know they are not out to get us, and If…a big IF Iran were to build Nuclear Weapons, so what? The U.S. has a mass stockpiles as do some other countries, so they have no right to dictate as to who can or can not have them. The U.S. (along with some of their puppet nations) as we know are the worlds terrorists, the biggest threat to world peace. They are the biggest threat to any nation that has resources or land they want. So if anyone should be ordered to disarm, it is the United States.
I ask you this, if we are so concerned with peace and helping nations in trouble, then why are we not going into countries that have mass ethnic cleansing and/or mass starvation or disease, why are we not helping them? It makes no sense…except that the world governments and the wealthy want them to die in order to bring down the fast growing world population. That IS the reason…there is no other answer.
The prediction of December 21st, 2012 may be a correct prediction; it may be the end of the world, as we know it.
I know many people who are preparing themselves for chaos. Buying food and stockpiling weapons. But when that time comes, will it be too late? Should the citizens of the world not do something before then?
The political leaders and the wealthy will be laughing at those of us on the surface of planet earth from inside their bunkers deep within the earth. We will be left to fight for survival while they live in the lap of luxury.
Is that fair, considering we put them in power and we worked hard to make the wealthy even wealthier, buying their electronics, cars, fuel and putting our hard earned money into their banks while they took it, invested it and made themselves billions of dollars off our blood, sweat and tears.
The world we hoped for, the world that was our heritage to our children is gone and falling apart, all because of the few who control our lives, and we let them because we were blinded by greed, we were told we need the “stuff” which they were selling. Now we are left with nothing while they have it all.
Prepare yourselves for a fight for survival…it will happen sooner than you think.

©Thomas H Czech, 2011

The great Canadian YARD SALE

People are certainly a curios creature. The best way to experience these creatures (other than going to Timmies) is by hosting a yard sale, or as in my case, a moving sale.

I love people watching and also speaking with new and interesting people. I even love to haggle in price, whether I am in a foreign country buying something or when I am selling something at a yard sale. I enjoy the back and forth verbal battle.

What I found most interesting is when I was selling something which is ordinarily close to three hundred dollars new in a store, but I was asking $50 dollars or best offer at my moving sale, as this item is still in great shape and certainly worth what I’m asking, but then someone pulled out a ten dollar bill and asks “Will you take 10?”  Well I looked at this man and burst into laughter, I seriously thought he was kidding around, making a joke. I suppose I offended him as he quickly walked away.
Most people are great though; I enjoyed a lot of laughs and had some interesting conversations with some very intelligent people. I even had a chance to speak about something which I love talking about—politics–local and foreign. Especially the U.S. and their ridiculous foreign policies…get me started on them and you will find out real quick where I stand.

But I digress, back to yard sales, an event where you meet many different people.

I even had a couple of thieves at my sales, you may not believe it but I did.

A woman stole a 25-cent item, took it into her Escalade, yes her Escalade and drove off. I was, for the first time in a long time, speechless.

Another time a thief wanted a lamp, the lamp had no lampshade but another one did, “Can I take the shade off that one and put it on this one?” she asked. I explained that I could if I bring the price up. She walked off, then came back and took the lampshade off the other, put it on the lamp she bought and went away. I did not see her until she was getting in her car with it.

Thieves, they are everywhere, even at yard sales. People without morals or ethics, slithering around like serpents waiting to strike.

One last example of these snakes coming to yard sales is this; a couple was looking at something they wanted which my son was in charge of, they did not get the answer they wanted I suppose, I don’t remember and that is not important. But they called my son a nasty word, a word I have never used and will never. A degrading word to say the least.
Anyway, aside from these stupid people, most were very nice. Some that haggled and others who did not. But most were very pleasant, polite and courteous. People I would not mind seeing again. Others whom I wish never to see again.
Some of the nicest moments I had was having conversations with elderly ladies and gentlemen dressed in their Sunday best who talked to me about what it was like growing up in the valley. I am not from here so I enjoy the history lessons.
I heard everything from how logs were skidded out of the bush with teams of horses; log floats on the river and about how some people would come into town on the train. I even heard how adults and children would be outside on the coldest days on the frozen lakes and rivers to skate. I never experienced these things as I grew up in warm climates. Some of these people could tell me their stories in such a vivid manner that I could picture in my mind how it was back then.
Yes, the yard sale is more than a place where we buy things we want or need; or are trying to get rid of things which have been gathering dust in our basement; but more than this, it is a place where people go to socialize. This is certainly something I hope will never change or end; it is a right of passage of being Canadian. Something we do with family and friends, it is fun for people of all ages and one of the earliest ways of recycling!
And children can find treasures just at the next driveway!

Oh by the way, that item which I tried to sell which a man offered me ten dollars for, I did get what I wanted for it, after a little back and forth verbal battle which the buyer and I certainly enjoyed! And we both happily sealed the deal with a firm handshake…Only in Canada, Eh? Now time for a Timmies Double-Double…Cheers!


Twists an turns on the road of life,
peaks and valleys, joy and strife.
One goes on without a care,
until you lose your grip, then beware.
One moment you have it all,
then without warning you begin to fall.
Life begins to slip, and slip away,
and you know there is nothing anyone can say.
You fall and fall down into the dark chasm of despair,
when you stop you notice you’re alone, no one else is there.
You get up and brush off the dirt an dust,
and look around and smell the must.
You see a hand reaching down from high above,
you grab hold and feel the love.
He pulls you up until you reach the light,
you see the face of Jesus so clear and bright.
He smiles a warm smile and holds you tight,
You then understand you will be…alright.

©Thomas H Czech, 201






Hope for the next day

A new day comes in with the freshest of breeze,

Cleansing the day from the turmoil and grief;

A fresh start is badly wanted and badly needed,

We all prayed and we begged and pleaded;

Then nightfall it came, darkness abounded,

Stealing our hope, which was damned confounded;

The darkness of the night cloaked us in dread,

Filled us with hopelessness and feeling so dead;

We waited and waited for the morning light,

We waited so long without end in sight;

But then I did hear a dove singing a victory song,

It came with the dawn, which I waited for so long;

The light it slowly began to break through,

With the fresh breeze and drying the dew;

It is all good now; my soul is renewed and strong once again,

I will take on the day, challenge it, and with a single step it will begin.

©Thomas H Czech, 2011

Highschool, an alternate universe

Highway Robbery in the 21st Century

Highway Robbery in the 21st Century
Thomas H Czech
June 28th, 2011

Eggs, milk, bread, fruit and vegetables. There are skyrocketing prices in all we purchase, not just in groceries but also in clothing, electricity, heating fuel and the list goes on.
I hear the complaints at the supermarket and at the school when I speak with the other parents who are waiting for their children.
The question everyone has is “Why?” Why are the prices going up the way they are? And why are our incomes not matching the increase in the cost of our living expenses? We can not blame the farmers for the cost of our food as they are not charging that much more, not enough to justify the increases we see in our bills when we pay for the products we purchase.
There are two words followed by one common word that are always on the lips of those with whom I speak, and those words are ‘CORPORATE and GOVERNMENT GREED.
Yes you read correctly, those words are always coming from everyone with whom I speak, and those simple words indeed explain it all, they tie it all together.
Corporate greed, the main one being the oil companies which have unjustifiably raised the price of oil to the ridiculously high prices are the main culprit in draining our wallets and bank accounts like the highwaymen of old who would lie in wait for some unsuspecting traveller and then jump out robbing him of all his cash and belongings. Such is the oil company, only now they do it and legally get away with it. They gouge us and rob us, knowing very well that we, the consumer will pay the price.
Farm equipment use fuel, transport trucks which move the products use fuel, our vehicles which take us to the stores use fuel and so do many hydro plants which give our homes and stores electricity for the light, heating and cooling systems and refrigeration system to keep our food fresh and ovens which cook, it all use some form of fuel whether directly or indirectly.
So yes, the corporations that mine and sell the fuel know this and they gouge us knowing very well that we the consumer will, one way or another pay the price.

So let us look at the governments hand in all of this, their word…the governments word is simple, oh don’t get me wrong, it is a big one, it is merely three letters but its meaning is huge and it sends chills up the spines of all consumers and that word simply is—TAX. Yes the dreaded, most hated three-letter word in todays society.
The government will not ever, nor do they have any intention on stepping in and laying down legislation to prevent price gouging by the oil and lets face it the gas companies as well, because they receive a ridiculously high amount of money from taxes, not just from oil companies but also when we buy fuel at the pumps, and also when we pay for other products. Just look at your receipt and see what the taxes are, also look at your hydro and gas bills, look at what all the other charges are including the taxes you pay! Oh my Gosh, a revelation! The government is also gouging us, highway robbery of us by our politicians as well. So not only are we being robbed by the corporation but we are then also robbed by our government, by the people we hired to work for us, to do what’s right for us, by those we thought would have our best interest at heart. Wow! Were we wrong! So since we hired them…can we not fire them? A thought comes to my mind, is this why people in countries like Egypt and perhaps Libya are protesting? Should we be protesting? Should we ban together and fire those who we hired because they are stealing from us? The thing is, if an employee working for an oil company or working in the parliament buildings were caught stealing, would they not get fired? So why then, can we not fire our PM and his people for gouging or let’s be blunt—for stealing from us?
Just something to think about, after all, how long are we supposed to cower from those in power before we say “Enough is Enough!”
Im not saying that we should start a riot or a coup, but maybe it is time for us, for those who pay the wages of those who are gouging us to tell the government that we want legislation passed right now which prevents price gouging and a cap put of fuel prices or we will fire them, not next election but right now.
How can this be done? We force an election, yes we may have a majority government at the moment, but when desperate people ban together the government has to listen. Like I said, we hired them, so we can fire them.

©Thomas H Czech, 2011

From the desert into the frying pan