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The state of our planet

The only home we have
Earth, the only planet that we know of that has everything a species needs to survive.
This great planet of ours has oxygen, plants, water and so on. Everything we humans need to live and to thrive and yet we are continually destroying it. Not for any reason other than out of greed.
When this planet was created, before the animals and humans were here, earth was immaculate, everything in perfect balance. Then the animals were created–then humans.
When the first humans walked amongst the plants and animals and when they breathed in the air, everything was clean and pure. Life was good.
They could have laid down on their backs, looked up at the stars and seen each and every one as if they were sparkling diamonds. The air was clean and pure, nothing to diminish their view.
The water in the oceans, lakes, rivers and streams was so clear that they could see all the  marine  life living like they ought to.
Everything was perfect, just as it was created to be.
However, thousands of years later we have destroyed so much of our planet and continue to do so, and there seems to be no slowing us down.
Why are we, as a race, so ignorant of what we are doing? How can we continually place money above our own well-being?
If one man were to take a sledge hammer and proceed to destroy his house and then move onto his car and do the same; then after he were done, douse it with gasoline and torch it, he would be considered to be nuts and taken to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation and probably found to be mentally ill. However, here we have billions of people destroying the only habitable planet we have second by second for generations and we allow ourselves to do so. Remember, the crazy man’s house and car can be replaced, this planet cannot be.
So why do we do it? We have the technology to be environmentally friendly. The Electric car was invented years ago, it worked amazingly well, but they were all taken off the street and put into car crushers. We know it was because ‘Big Oil’ would not make billions anymore if the electric car were to have been produced on a grand scale.
We also have hydro producing windmills, they are amazing, and they work great. However we have certain people saying that they give people migraine headaches. I was around such windmills and never felt any sort of illness, sickness or pain whatsoever. Maybe it is just another claim by some big corporation who fears of losing money.
What it comes down to is that we can no longer allow money to rule; we have to take drastic steps to save our resources and more importantly, our planet.
Every effort needs to be made to clean our air, soil and water.
Cities are lined with buildings that have flat roofs, these roofs can be turned to green spaces and solar panels can be placed on top as well, this is not a huge step, but it will be a start. Every step forward, no matter how small, is still a step forward.
Let’s begin to change our wasteful, polluting ways. Think about it and do it; one of these days, not too far off in the future, it will be—too late!

Some suggestions:
-Empty lots in cities can become community gardens or parks
-Flat roofs can become green space and/or also places for solar panel for clean hydro. (Green roofs cut heating and cooling)

-Walk or ride a bike whenever possible
-Plant trees, there are a lot of places this can be done
-Conserve water
-turn off lights, appliances, electronics when you are not using them.
-Replace all light bulbs with compact fluorescents
-Buy locally produced food, and other things
-always recycle and compost
–There are a lot of things you can do to help our planet.
If you have more ideas, please write them bellow in the comment section, thank you

©Thomas H Czech, 2011

Healthy foods or low cost food; what can you afford?

ByThomas H Czech, December 11, 2011

Food, we all need it to live, to survive. However, most people in these days of financial breakdown in the United States and in Europe are struggling to make ends meet. Canada is one of the most stable and powerful nations in the world with the most stable economies next to China. Nonetheless there are many people who struggle to put healthy food on their plates as the great divide, the gap between the haves and have not’s is widening here in Canada as well.
When I receive the sales flyers I go through them and plan my grocery shopping accordingly, but I see sales that are not sales. The prices are ridiculous!
I hear members of our government and doctors as well as teachers and health advocates preach about the state of our nations health, such as the obesity rates, rate in the increase in diabetes etc. and yet nothing is done about the cost of healthy food.
I find it ridiculous to be paying $4.37 for four litres of milk when the dairy farm is right here in our area. That price is the lowest; other brands are higher in cost. The price of low cost bread is around $1.97 a loaf. These prices are completely unjust as far as I and others are concerned.
The cost of fruit and vegetables are even worse compared to unhealthy foods.
So what do people do if they only have a limited amount of money? They will go for products that go farther on their dollar; which are the unhealthy foods.
I am someone who is a strong believer in healthy eating; I push for vegetables, fruit, whole grain breads etc. I don’t buy pop, chips or the like. But there are many who cannot afford to buy the right kind of food.
I have gone through the flyers and the various stores in my community and seen the prices, I have also seen people who are very over weight and glanced into their shopping carts, which had low cost unhealthy processed garbage in them.
A couple with children were going through an isle, “Can we have salad today?” one member of the family asked, “No, it is too expensive.” The other replied. That is sad.
One can argue and say that one should not put a price on health, which is true. But when the argument is about having food in ones stomach for the entire month VS having healthy food for only half the month then what do you think they will go for?
When one adds all expenses such as heat, hydro, rent, groceries, clothing etc. well the dollar doesn’t go very far.
I am a firm believer in action, in the people of the country standing up and saying, “Enough is enough!” The government which we have elected needs to start working for us and regulating the cost of the products which we consume. If we want a nation which is strong and healthy then we need to lower the cost of healthy and nutritious food and raise the cost and tax on the unhealthy and fast foods.
People in power who complain about people’s health and the rate at which our health care costs are rising due to an unhealthy population and do nothing are hypocrites. If we were to have low cost or affordable healthy food for the population then the strain on our health care would eventually be reduced. One other thing, which should happen, is the cost of entering and playing sports needs to be cut as well. Exercise is crucial as well. There are many people (Children and adults) who would love to take part in sports but who can’t afford it. But that is another topic for a later time.

So here we have it; if our government really wants our citizens to eat healthy and be healthy and if they want to lessen the strain on our health care system then they WOULD do everything in their power to lower the cost on healthy foods.
For when the healthy foods are more affordable than the unhealthy foods, that is when the population will reach for and consume the healthy VS the unhealthy, that is when we WILL see the citizens of this nation become healthy and we WILL see the strain on our health care systems reduced—over time.
We will have a population that is healthier, more energetic and happier!


Points on how a government can reduce the cost of healthy foods:

  • Increase taxes on fast food purchased from fast food restaurants (fast food is not a necessity)
  • Increase taxes on junk food (chocolate bars, chips, pop etc.)
  • Increase taxes on tobacco and tobacco products
  • Increase taxes on alcohol
  • Take the extra taxes now and give the money to farmers so that they can lower the cost of their produce.
  • Allow and encourage farmers to sell their products (i.e. eggs, milk, meats, fruit, vegetables) directly from their farms. This will cut the costs of the products as there will not be a shipping cost added and no middle man and/or a store mark-up.
  • And remember to buy local and plant a garden, no matter how small if possible. Even a few pots with vegetable plants in them set on a balcony make a difference.
  • Also write your member of Parliament letting them know that you want him/her to take action and to voice your complaint to parliament, they are supposed to be the voice of the people. You may even send them this blog.


Please Share This With Everyone You Know…Time For Action Is NOW!



©Thomas H Czech, 2011