Nobody told me there’d be days like these

Relationships, wow they can be tough.
John Lennon  said it best when he said, “Nobody told me there’d be days like these”.

No truer words have been spoken, when it comes to relationships, anyways.  There are tough, unbearable, heart wrenching days, and sometimes those days are all we see, the good ones lost in a myriad of dark clouds which seem to envelope the good days, hiding them from our sight, keeping them from our reach. We fumble and stumble through the darkness hoping for a mere glimpse of relief, of even a faint memory of the good days that seem to have vanished from our eyes.
That is how I have felt; it is how I feel at this moment as I type this on my computer lying in bed.
“Is it worth it?” I wonder. I don’t know, perhaps it is best to live alone, single. Just raise my children as the single father that I am and give up on love, on ever being with another. To die alone. (Some day, not now, so don’t get excited).

A relationship is a world created by two, two people coming together in the bounds of love. From there, their world grows, if they so choose. However, the two can not see beyond their world for quite some time. Sure there are others who come by, (like comets or meteors which pass by earth) and then leave. This is normal. But from time to time there are storms in that world which they have created. (These are like strong winds, or sometimes like earthquakes or volcanoes) and if not contained and supressed, these storms can destroy their world.
Most though do make it, they work through it and rebuild. So when this happens their world becomes stronger, if they don’t then they are finished.
How can they overcome and rebuild? Becoming stronger. By openly speaking about their feelings, and by truly being able to forgive and not holding onto the pain and shortcomings of their partner, for this un-forgiveness will grow into bitterness and hatred destroying not only the relationship but also the person holding onto it. The other will move on, never truly knowing or understanding how angry and bitter the other person was.

Yes, the human relationships are tough, hard work but many times they are worth it. It is up to the individuals involved that make up the couple whether the other person is truly worth it.

So here you have it, a quick blurb I wrote, my thoughts on relationships I typed out as it came to my mind, unedited, just as it is. Sometimes the best work is written this way.

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  1. well written, i now understand why I love my dog so much

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