Take Up Arms; Governments Will Fall

Turbulence, distress, sleepless night,

Can no longer distinguish between wrong from right;

Hearts breaking, eyes weeping minds can not comprehend,

What has this world come to? I can no longer pretend;

Streets are flooded with people fed up,

Eager to fight the system, ready or not;

Governments, politicians stealing from everyone,

Invading nations out of greed one by one;

The world we once knew now long gone,

Can someone tell me where we went wrong?

I want this, I want that,

I have the right, they owe me that;

Look out for number one, I look out for me,

I don’t care about anyone but me;

Greed, corruption, scandals and such,

Take whatever you want, take as much;

Destroy; kill, whatever it takes,

Why not ? You are the bigger bully for goodness sakes;

No one will stop you, am I right?

Aha, but when they’ve had enough they’ll take up arms and they will fight;

The world now in turmoil, homeless, starvation, destruction and wars,

The world is in chaos, people fed up and fighting back more and more;

Peace, jobs, food and homes,

This is what we want, and they feel it deep within their bones;

Corrupt politicians, governments filled with greed,

They will be overthrown; you all better take heed;

Everyone’s fed up, everyone in every land,

And everyone’s ready to fight back, hand in hand.


©Thomas H Czech, 2011

About One Planet In Review

I have travelled extensively all over this great planet of ours. I have seen many cultures, lands and oceans to name only a little of what I have seen. This planet of ours is our home, for all to enjoy. Let us keep it friendly, clean and accessible to all.

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