The Vanishing Girlfriend

I thought I found the one for me,

Yet she fades into the darkness where I cannot see,

Why? I ask myself, does this happen? Why?

My heart it breaks, shatters, my soul begins to cry,

I’m amongst a thousand people all around,

Yet I’m lost and wonder, will I ever be found,

My eyes they search with my heart in tow,

Still looking for you high and low,

Will you come back? Do you think of me too?

Do you want me as badly as I want you?

I can not eat, I can not sleep, my dreams are nightmares of losing you,

I wake with cold sweats and shakes, my eyes the tear, my heart it cries out for you,

So lonely, so sad, so alone and feeling bad,

The silence screams and deafens me,

My eyes they strain, looking for you, yet you they can not see…

So lonely, so alone, missing you,

Wondering why your vanishing from me…and now what do I do?


©Thomas H Czech, 2011


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