Boys to Men?

There was a time when men were men; rough and tough and would fight for what is right.
That day is long gone.
I remember when I was in school in the 70’s when all of us boys would play fight and and play unprotected tackle football. We were fine, sure we had scrapes and bruises, but we did not care and neither did anyone else, it was a part of growing up.
Sometimes we played practical jokes on one another, those jokes would do something physical to us like sitting on a pin, yea it hurt, but so what? It was a joke which caused no long term or permanent injuries. We laughed about it and usually tried to out do the other.

I am not saying that hurting someone is right, but boys are being raised as girls, no rough housing, no play fighting. Everything that teaches a boy to be a man is taken from us. We learned that things hurt which taught us not to do that to another. We learned by playing cops and robbers that the law always wins. We learned by play-fighting that real fighting will hurt someone and we learned how to defend ourselves against bullies.

Playing rough and playing hard also allowed us to burn enough energy during recess that when we went back into class we could sit still and pay attention. But no longer, now children are prevented from playing in such a manner that they still are fueled up with energy that they have a hard time siting still in class and focusing is difficult that they get in trouble.

Boys are different from girls, so why are boys prevented from behaving like boys and forced to restrain their male intuitions to the point that when they hit puberty they have no idea how they are supposed to behave or know who they are becoming as men?
Boys need to be able to play army guy, cops and robbers, play fight etc. this is how we are created and how our brains are wired. We are the hunter gatherer, the protector, the warrior. We need to be able to tap into that inner man at a young age as it will teach us to become a real man. One who hunts/gathers (work) one who protect (those around them instead of turning a blind eye to injustice) to be a warrior (fight for what’s right) etc. this is an integral part of growing up.

Let boys be boys, yes they will get hurt, but they will get over it and learn what not to do and what to do differently. Do not baby them. They will use sticks to sword fight, they will play fight, they will get scrapes and bruises and probably cuts. It does not make you bad parents or teacher; it does however make them men.

About One Planet In Review

I have travelled extensively all over this great planet of ours. I have seen many cultures, lands and oceans to name only a little of what I have seen. This planet of ours is our home, for all to enjoy. Let us keep it friendly, clean and accessible to all.

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  1. I myself am a young guy and I have to agree that the way society raises boys today is to pamper and shelter them because, god forbid, they get hurt and are emotionally or physically scarred for life, they’ll be shattered beyond repair. I really liked your take on “We are the hunter gatherer, the protector, the warrior.” It’s really true, boys seem to have so much untapped energy nowadays, the kind of energy that’s been hard-wired into their genetic code and will not simply go away. Great perspective on this topic.

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