Between now and forever

What is…?

Between Now and forever
Thomas H Czech, February 3rd, 2011

Now and forever and everything in between,
What will happen one never knows, it still remains to be seen;

Now and forever, the secrets which it holds,
what is hidden, still has to unfold;

Now and forever has so many forks in the road,
So many choices and baggage still to unload;

Now and forever, we must move ahead,
hold onto joy and shake off the dread;

Now and forever, we learn as we live,
always remember and remember to forgive;

Now and forever, we will love and we will lose,
awaken your heart and never let it snooze;

Now and forever, life will always go on,
remember, that after every night, there will always be a brand new dawn;
Between now and forever.

©Thomas H Czech, 2011

About One Planet In Review

I have travelled extensively all over this great planet of ours. I have seen many cultures, lands and oceans to name only a little of what I have seen. This planet of ours is our home, for all to enjoy. Let us keep it friendly, clean and accessible to all.

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