Hope for the next day

A new day comes in with the freshest of breeze,

Cleansing the day from the turmoil and grief;

A fresh start is badly wanted and badly needed,

We all prayed and we begged and pleaded;

Then nightfall it came, darkness abounded,

Stealing our hope, which was damned confounded;

The darkness of the night cloaked us in dread,

Filled us with hopelessness and feeling so dead;

We waited and waited for the morning light,

We waited so long without end in sight;

But then I did hear a dove singing a victory song,

It came with the dawn, which I waited for so long;

The light it slowly began to break through,

With the fresh breeze and drying the dew;

It is all good now; my soul is renewed and strong once again,

I will take on the day, challenge it, and with a single step it will begin.

©Thomas H Czech, 2011

About One Planet In Review

I have travelled extensively all over this great planet of ours. I have seen many cultures, lands and oceans to name only a little of what I have seen. This planet of ours is our home, for all to enjoy. Let us keep it friendly, clean and accessible to all.

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